Issues vouchers to consumers in your immediate area

LoyalBe allows merchants to issue vouchers to consumers that can be redeemed in their establishments.

Vouchers can be changed in real-time to reflect what is going on in the merchant’s establishment. Vouchers can contain any offer the merchant wants, such a discount, free item, or upgrade.

LoyalBe also supports a stamp-card loyalty system, where merchant can offer “Buy ten, get one free.”

Consumers can view the offers on a map.  This allows them to see the best deals around them at any point in time.   Stamp-card programs are also shown, and (if any) how many stamps have been collected so far.

Want to push a dinner special to someone who just parked their car down the screen? Offers can also be pushed to consumers based on certain events, such as using the SpotLocate system.

Vouchers can only be used once, have an expiry date, and can not be shared. Merchants stamp the consumer’s virtual card using MoveBe Merchant – the same process as validating offers



Merchants can offer the traditional stamp card where a consumer gets 10 items, and gets the 11th free (configurable).  Much more secure than paper cards, can’t be lost


Consumers can simply click the “Around Be” button and get vouchers by participating merchants in the area.


As a consumer in a supported cab drives near your location, show  promotional video on the information screen.  The Loyable app in “listen” mode will detect which video is being shown, and issue the voucher to the consumer.


As as soon as consumers park their car in nearby supported lots, issue an enticing offer to bring them into your location.

API or File Upload

Merchants can push vouchers to their known loyal consumers, safe in the knowledge that only the intended recipient can use the voucher.

Want more information? View our “How it Works” page.

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