Leading Visionary and Accomplished Leader Roamy Valera, CAPP Joins MoveBe as President and CEO

Toronto, Ontario (Monday, August 14, 2017)


MoveBe Inc., is pleased to announce the addition of Roamy Valera as its President and CEO. Mr Valera is well recognized for his accomplishments in the parking and transportation world and is  the current Board Chair for the International Parking Institute – the world’s largest and leading association of professionals in parking, transportation and mobility industry.

Mr Valera achievements include implementing the latest industry trends and practices while managing and establishing relationships with infrastructure capital sources. He was personally involved in over $500MM in transactions like Harrisburg, PA; New Orleans, LA; Atlanta, GA, Annapolis, MD; Nashville, TN, etc. He was a senior executive for the largest parking operator in  North America.

“I joined the ANAi Global team (which includes MoveBe) because they are truly leading the charge in whole transportation infrastructure industry” says MoveBe President and CEO Roamy Valera. “Part of moving people and cars in a more efficient manner is communicating with the end users. This must be part of the equation and smart city forms the nucleus around this. MoveBe allows for this and more.

MoveBe is now in negotiations with partners in all three sectors of the transportation infrastructure which encompasses Parking, Toll Roads, and Transit. Potential transactions based on real studies is well over 100 billion.

“Our motto at MoveBe is to ENRICH YOUR DAILY JOURNEY“ says Chief Product Officer Daniel Aufgang, “It is an exciting future and we plan to work with merchants, vendors, institutions, municipalities and make this as truly interactive as it can be. Having Roamy on board will help us realize our vision.”

MoveBe is part of the ANAi Global group which invests in forward thinking disruptive technologies and adapts into their infrastructure.

About MoveBe

MoveBe  is an innovative app based marketing solution that allows merchants to drive customer traffic to their locations by presenting real-time offers such as paying for parking, refunding public transit rides, giving credit for a cab ride home. Merchants can make also have promotions like free drink, discount on clothes etc. Merchants can define their specials in real-time and make tweaks based on what is going on in their establishments.  Consumers use the app to view and accept the offers.  

Consumers benefit as they get their transportation paid for and are given access to special offers. Merchants benefit as they can attract new customers, and get a competitive advantage over online shopping. Cities benefit as communities become more vibrate when the retail sectors are strengthened. Participating parking operators benefit as this system attracts more people to park in their lots, and allows them to run loyalty programs. Transit authorities benefit as people will be motivated to take transit, knowing they can get their fares paid for.

More more information go to www.movebe.com