SpotLocate lets property owners help drivers find their car, even in covered lots!!

Locating your car in a large parking lot can be a huge headache. Use SpotLocate to always find your way back.

Supported Integrations:

What types of parking lots can use SpotLocate?


    Property owners use the free SpotLocate PDF generator to make SpotLocate signs. Owners print and post the signs, and then uses the MoveBe Merchant app to scan the location codes. Owners then add location information to each sign such as address, tower, section, emergency phone number and more.

    Consumers scan the SpotLocate sign, or send a SMS with the location code. With SMS consumers don’t need the app installed, or even have a connection. The information setup by the property owner is sent to the consumer.


    Consumers use GPS and simply mark the location of any spot on a map.

    Property owners have the option to post signs reminding drivers to use SpotLocate, or use the SpotLocate sign generator to mark entrances to their building.

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